4 Medium-Scale Businesses for Your New OFW Loan

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As an OFW, your journey will be full of challenges and adjustments. It’s not easy to work for strangers in a foreign country. Many Filipinos were even abused by foreigners due to simple mistakes or just the whim of it. Even though the OFW’s path is hard, you can’t help but smile upon seeing the bounty of your hard work. To maximize the full returns of your savings, you should try building medium-scale businesses with the help of OFW loan. This type of personal loan is known for its strict nature, but the allowed amount is usually huge. If you can be approved for such loan philippines, you only need an idea to get started.

Here are some medium-scale business ideas:


Merchandise Shop

A merchandise shop is a good option because many people have different daily needs. You shop can have numerous food items, as well as utility tools and accessories. One of the best things about a merchandise shop is that you can start small and expand it along the way. Every week, you can also change your inventory to deal with the needs of the people.


Machine Shop

Machine shops are great businesses that should be placed in highways and roadside areas. A machine shop will always be operational since travelers will need repairs and maintenance checks for their cars. If you have passion for automotive and machines, this business is meant for you.


Small Eatery

A small eatery has lower capital requirement, but manpower can be challenging. You should seek the help of your relatives or friends in order to run your eatery properly. There’s always the option to get hired hands, but the expenses will go up. Expertise in cooking can greatly help. If the business is profitable, you can expand it in just few months.


Grain and Feeds Supplier

Depending on your location, a shop that supplies grain and feeds will gain exceptional profits. If you plan to build the shop in the province, the potential is high. You just need to adjust your products and prices according to the current demand of the townsfolk. At first, your overhead costs may be high, depending on where your grains and feeds will come from. After few months, you can recoup your initial investment.


With these medium-scale businesses, you can now jumpstart your road towards entrepreneurship. Any of these businesses will keep your hands full, unless you hire some people to manage everything for you. However, you must minimize your costs and oversee the growth of your business.

Productivity Milestones – Why They Matter Today?

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Productivity is an important component in any business. It is a primary measurement that can determine business growth and movement for the coming years. On a personal level, keeping tabs on productivity can yield better results and proper task management. To ensure a standard level of efficiency, you can set progressive productivity milestones. They will definitely matter in the long run.

Milestones Can Inspire You

One of the best things about milestone setting is that you have a target that you can aim for. This works for most people, especially those who are driven by success. You can easily set milestones by jotting down in your notepad or using your smartphone tools. Depending on your style, you can focus on making daily or weekly goals.

A Productivity Checklist Boosts Growth

People who have goal checklists can become more successful in life compared to those who don’t have goals at all. Perhaps this is deeply rooted in human nature, encapsulating thousands of progressive years. Checklists are everywhere – you can see them in the busiest parts of society, or even in corporate power settings. As you move from one checklist item to another, you’ll have a deep sense of accomplishment which can boost your overall growth potential. The checklist can also be a self-challenge.

Professionalism on All Levels

Productivity milestones increase your professionalism rate. Even if you keep your checklist personal, people will gradually see your actions. Once you are viewed as someone who can really get the job done, people will trust you more. This can lead to greater respect and the chance to have more projects in the future.

Setting a productivity milestone can help you reach your goals, but you need to be disciplined enough to reach them. If you think that discipline is a problem, work on that first then move on with your plans.

How to Prepare Your Business for Online Expansion?

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Expansion is needed for any business. If a business cannot expand, then it’s not geared enough for success. There are many ways that you can expand your business; one of them is to purchase additional space, if you’re running a brick-and-mortar business. Another option is to buy extra equipment that can make your processes efficient. A new method that you can adapt is online expansion. At surface level, online expansion may seem easy, yet it’s full of hard work and careful planning.

Prepare an Expansion Layout

Online expansion may not be physical, but the work is real. You need to prepare a drawing board, round up possible problems, and create new areas of opportunities. Moreover, you need to figure out what your business can offer online. Your products will do, but what else? A full layout of your connected business goals will keep your direction intact.

Make Some Noise

What good is an expansion if you cannot make reasonable noise? You shouldn’t sling plain nothingness in the Web – other people are doing that already. The type of noise you need is well-directed online activity. Make good content, then share it to people. Currently, there are hundreds of content-sharing platforms that you can use. Most of them are free.

Embrace SEO Tactics

Online expansion won’t be complete without adapting to the reality of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the process of preparing your business for search dynamics. It’s all about rankings. If your main business website is ranking well in search engines, it will reach more people. This translates to more visibility and in the future, more sales. You have the choice to learn and implement SEO on your own. Alternately, you can seek the services of an SEO firm.

In these competitive times, every business needs to have any form of online presence. Proper preparation is needed – the online world is a challenging place to be.

How to Be a Dynamically Responsible Growth Hacker?

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Do you want to enter a relatively new but competitive discipline? Then your best shot is growth hacking. Even though it’s new in the market, the discipline is gaining a strong following around the world. Growth hacking, basically, is a methodology that combines all aspects of strategy planning, dynamic marketing, content management, lead generation, and efficiency enhancement. The goal is to initiate growth for any business. You can think of the discipline as an unconventional solution that can challenge most niche standards.

If you want to start your career as a growth hacker, you need to be dynamically responsible. These essential habits should get you started.

Research about Niches

In every endeavor, research is important. For growth hackers, this is the key to life. A complex research process can bring important data points. Your research is not just limited to your target niche. It’s advisable to research about other niches as well, so that you can spot opportunities. List down important details and cast out any data that won’t be useful to your research.

Understand Correlation Frameworks

A correlation framework shows the relationship between one thing to another. In growth hacking, correlation frameworks are very important. Understanding these frameworks can give you new insights and operational methods. If you’re new in the discipline, the frameworks will serve as your guides to success. You can seek the advice of industry experts to broaden your perspective.


Refine Your Skills

The first client in growth hacking is you. How can you teach growth-related tactics if you can’t attain personal growth? Skill refinement is the key here. One skill is never enough in growth hacking. You should learn to move past your comfort zone and develop new skills. By doing this, you can offer greater services and your income will also increase.

Network Extensively

Networking is another crucial process. Start joining online communities and reach out to people. Find other growth hackers in the niche, and brainstorm about recent strategies. A continuous networking initiative will also let you see the nature of your competitors.

Keep in mind that being a growth hacker is not just apples and peaches. You’ll be challenged by niche specialists, consumers, and even by your friends. Don’t be swayed – maintain your focus and you will hit the barriers of success someday.